Malaysia Challenge Course Association  (MCCA) is certifying body (Voluntary)  in Malaysia who did endorsement for Challenge Course facility in-compliance with international safety standards. MCCA offer service of inspection for Existing OR New Challenge Course. We will issue "Safety Compliance Certificate" for TWELVE (12) month if the element passed thorough inspection process.

Inspection will be conduct by competence person (Professional Inspector) and certified operator (Professional Builder Members). Duration of inspection process will depending on numbers of element and inspection report will be issue to owner facility within FIVE (5) working day after inspection process.

This process will assist owner facility to do follow up action either for maintenance or for insurance purpose.

MCCA offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspection as well as to lead and to ensure all PPE in the best condition and fit to use.

"If you think safety is expensive, try an accident"

Please contact us to learn more about inspection & endorsement process to ensure your facility and PPE in a good condition and safe to use.